Miss Ince and I took year 12 and 13 Textiles students to the Knit and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace in October.

This is the second year we have visited the exhibition, which showcases recent textile graduate work along with more established textile artists such as Jan Beaney. This provides a rare opportunity to speak to the makers themselves, discovering their techniques and concepts first hand.

In addition there are plenty of ‘pop up shops’ where you can buy specialist textile equipment. I was excited to buy some treatment for fabric which turns it into the equivalent of photosensitive paper.

A highlight for me was to meet Gwen Hedley, author of Drawn to Stitch from which I have taken many inspirations for projects.

Miss Richardson

Gwen Hedley 'Excerpts from a Visual Diary'

Diana Springall, detail from 'Pat Coen Memorial'

Detail from Jean Bennett's installation