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Drawing from Books is the result of a project I undertook as part of my Masters In Education looking at finding an artist teacher identity. By sharing my own work with students and using this as a stimulus for a series of workshops I hope to have created a more mutually beneficial teacher-student relationship.

Students looked at using pages of books within their work to provide mixed media approaches to drawing. They found new and exciting ways of integrating the content of the books into their work.

My own work aims to both celebrate and critique vintage textile pieces. It explores both their social and gendered nature using three key themes.

By creating drawings on pages of instructional textile magazines I try to highlight the way in which the instructions actively prevent creativity by providing a set of compulsory steps which undermine any artistic intervention.

The second theme is repetition. Using a range of knitting, crochet, lace, and tatting to inform my drawing, I hope to give a sense of the methodical and monotonous nature of both the textile pieces and my drawing.

Thirdly, using doilies as an example, I aim to show how these were used as a symbol of respectability and femininity but have since become redundant, now more likely to be viewed as out of date and a sign of old age.