Pictured above is the department’s current exhibition which features work from Year Ten students. The work presented in the gallery includes Fine Art, Textiles, 3D Design & Graphics.

The Fine Art representation from Mr Delves class shows students being capable of drawing few objects in a confined area with the use of oil pastels, charcoal & chalks. To then later be confident to focus on one small area of this picture to transfer onto wooden boards using cardboard (to build up the painting) paint & oil pastels. 

Miss Walker’s 3D Design class displays work from their sketchbooks which have been mounted onto black sugar paper. This includes chair designs, Olympic building designs, artist’s inspiration, final design plans and photographs of their actual models.

Also exhibited is Textiles from Miss Richardson’s class. Firstly they looked at natural objects such as shells, leaves, plants etc. and drew with pencils/ inks/ fine liners in order to create similar marks from the natural forms. The class then made felt from woollen fibres & warm water. The beautiful hand stitching inspiration has come from their natural forms drawings.

Miss Faulks’ Fine Art classes work has been taken from their sketchbooks which includes collage, continual line ink drawings, sketches and acrylic landscape paintings.

The Bauhaus Graphic Posters have been chosen from the students sketchbooks. They used a combination of techniques to create these posters such as screen printing, Photoshop & drawing skills. While Mr Williams’ class has an array of work such as observational drawing, collage and screen prints all produced from the student’s sketchbooks.