On Wednesday 11th July 2013 Year 9 took part in their very own Fashion Show held in the main hall. With the theme ‘Travel’ students had to make their outfits from recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic etc.. This proved challenging, but it all came together in the end, producing some excellent results!

The winning team was from Miss Walkers class who created an Ocean display. The model wore a blue/green material striped skirt to represent the Sea, shells were glued to a shirt to symbolise the beach and a cardboard ship attached to her head to show the ship on the water. The judges (Miss Ellis, Mr Blunt and Ms Keane-Maher) were very impressed with this creation and awarded this team the top prize of £40!!

Runners up in second place was a team from Mrs Tibbatts class who created a cardboard Aeroplane with a moving propeller. While third place was awarded to Miss Richardson’s girl team who took on the idea of a New York Taxi. The model wore a leotard which was painted yellow, a mermaid like trail made out of folded black, yellow and white paper. She also carried a suitase and wore a drivers hat to symbolise this fantastic ensomble!

The day was a huge success and very exciting for pupils and staff to watch this well put together production. It was a delight to see what the pupils had achieved over the past 6 weeks and to see them encouringing eachother to strut their stuff on the catwalk!