Waingels College Students have been working extremely hard to each produce a ‘post it’ note to enter into our Turner Prize Competition. Students were asked to produce a piece of Art on a post it note. It could be anything from a biro drawing, to a self portrait, to even some origami work!

We received some fantastic entries; the art department certainly struggled to choose winners across the Key Stages. After much discussion we finally agreed to our Key Stage 3, first place winner! Congratulations to Sian Kennedy in year 8 who created a beautiful oil pastel drawing of a flower. Second place to Namra Hussain in year 9 for her pencil and fine liner drawing. And to our third place winner Jack Downing in year 7 for his beautiful dragon fly drawing. We would also like to give a special mention to Abigail Lewis, Charlotte Clair Saxton, Jonathan Moat and Emily Jessop who also produced fantastic pieces of art!

First place in Key Stage 4 goes to Ella Breach in year 11 for creating a beautiful dance design using fine liners. Second place to Alison Owen in year 11 for her mind boggling eye! Third place goes to Issy Hamilton, also in year 11 for her beautiful textured face, using tip ex and felt tips.

The art department would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students that entered! We had over 100 entries and I’m sure they will all look stunning together in our January Exhibition.