This is our very first year for offering Photography as a GCSE subject option. So far the students have proved what talented young photographers they are by capturing such beautiful imagery through their lenses. They have been studying the word ‘Changed’ in order for them to create mini outcomes. Students have created a variety of digital pieces ranging from Portraiture through to  Landscapes and aesthetic objects. I am sure you will agree what fantastic, professional final pieces we have on display!

Our fine artists for the past term have been studying Portraits, Wire Sculpture, Landscapes and Calligraphs. They have used a variety of materials such as Acrylic paint, chalk/charcoal, 2b pencil, wire and oil based inks to create such refined pieces of art.

The Textile GCSE group have been studying Natural Forms. They have used hand melt felt and weaving techniques to create their final outcomes. The array of colour is simply stunning.

The Graphics students also took on Portraiture and created images through maps and words. This has been expressed by the use of mark making, stencil, collage and sketching. Many outcomes have been digitally edited using Photoshop.