On Friday 10th June our Year Seven students were extremely proud to achieve their Bronze Art Award at The Woodley Library. This was to co-inside with the work our students had taken part in back in January with the Arts Charity, Jelly. To find out more about what our students were involved in you can read our previous blog post here… https://wordpress.com/stats/insights/waingelsart.wordpress.com

We had a lots of support from the students families who were already waiting for us when we arrived at the library. Peter, from Jelly and Elizabeth from the library spoke to all the students and parents about the project. Miss Richardson, our lead teacher for Art and Design talked about the importance of students studying Art at Waingels. The Mayor of Reading was there and he shook every students’ hand as they received their certificate from the Arts Council. The children conducted themselves perfectly, including the walk to the library. Well done Year 7!