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Thank you to Sailsbury’s New Art Centre for entertaining our GCSE 3D & Product Design students on Tuesday 19th September. The centre provided students with detailed talks and engaging practical tasks. Students found the day very useful as they discovered many materials and processes to experiment with in their own projects when returning to school. We look forward to seeing the students projects developing and how their inspiration from the visit will impact their work.


Students continued to engage in our Summer Workshops last week; with Miss Goldswain leading Wood Turning on Thursday 15th June. Was lovely to see staff members as well as students take part. Students practised a variety of techniques on the Wood Lathe and created some beautiful work.

Wood Turning

Fancy having a go? Sign up at the Art Office to secure your place!

The Design Department ‘Bird House Competition’ was very well received, the range of ideas and techniques were wonderful! We had ones that had feeders attached, a twig house construction, a blue African weaved fabric house and a bold rainbow coloured lolly stick house. A tough job to judge! However, we came to a decision and here are the results…

1st- Decorated with a cat which hopefully wont scare the birds away by Gregor MacLeod.

2nd –An exquisitely detailed Alice in Wonderland book design by Tamara Euillet

3rd– A beautifully weaved African bird house by Miss Kohlman.

Congratulations everyone and thank you for entering. Look out for the next competition coming soon!

Latest works by our Year 10 Fine Art, Photography, Textiles, Graphics and 3D Design students in our Waingels Gallery.


With the Art and Design & Technology Departments combining this year students are now able to draw from their skills learnt in Art and apply them in Design. Students have been encouraged to work more independently and many have achieved very highly in their work. Above you will see a selection of Year 9 mirror frames, from 9w/Dt2 who completed theirs this term. Their theme for the product was ‘Geometric’ and the rest was down to them!